Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Baby

15 September 2013 Sunday

We got to go to church today!! We got up at 8, and left at 8:30.  We woke up to a tray of breakfast from Frau Feest hahahaha she left it in our room. Orange juice, bread, butter, yogurt, jam!!

Church started at 9:30, and we got there at 9:33! We actually thought it started at we were really late but luckily we weren't actualllllly late. We got a little bit confused on the public transportation...but we figured it out haha.

We had Relief Society first, and this lady came in right before we started frantically asking "Does anybody play the piano??" in German, and she asked the three of us in German/sign language of her hands playing a piano, and I said I did, and she took me for the whole hour up to the primary room and I got to play for the little kids to sing to prepare for their PROGRAM...It was so cute and fun. Then we had class and our teacher spoke fluent English, so she taught in both English and German which was nice. Then sacrament meeting. We can sing the hymns. Other than that we don't understand anything, but you could still feel the same happy spirit.  I saw some elders, and I asked them if they knew Brendan Abbott and they said they do! He is serving in the Alpine German mission which includes Vienna. I want to try and find him.

We left church at 12:49 (that is when the bus comes right around the corner from church).  We went with the twins (Monika & Stephanie) to their apartment because they live pretty close to us, and they changed, then we all went to our apartment and we got changed.  Of course Monika took some awesome photos while we were there:

Caelyn's bed is in a cove (MO)
Kimber's room (MO)
Frau Feest's garden hallway leading into her apartment. So pretty! (MO)
Then we headed for the Minert's apartment which is about 15 minutes north.  Here are some maps that are ugly that show kinda where we are:

first of all this is where Vienna, Austria is

the city is the circle around the word "Wien", and this is where we go to church

Okay those are mostly for my MOTHER. 

We ate dinner at 4:00 at the Minert's, then we had a meeting about things (I fell asleep during it), then we all hung out using the wifi (even though it wasn't fast at allllll) till 8 or 9 ish. 

When we got home, Frau Feest said "Langes Tag!!" With her arms spread out big. Long day it WAS! We got to bed as soon as we could.

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  1. Your MOTHER Loves the maps! Vielen Dank! Sounds like a wonderful full day. Love the photos. Love YOU.