Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rainy Day

17 September 2013 Tuesday

This morning, Caelyn and I woke up an hour later than we were planning on..but we still made it on time (BARELY…) to the Institute.  We had art history at 10, and our class was meeting outside the front doors on the street to go to a museum. Can school get any cooler? We walked for ten minutes in the chilliness (we were warm though from running through the train station with our sweaters and jackets on!! It’s not THAT cold yet). Our teacher walked us through the museum for two hours. It was really interesting…we are going over a lot of Austrian history before we get into Art I guess. We all have museum passes for most museums in Vienna I think. 

looking at a map of Vienna. That cathedral is St. Stephens Cathedral, in the center of the city.

one museum we passed on the way to our museum
Amy & Caelyn in the rain

After that, we walked back to the Institute in the rain.  Well first we stopped to get something to eat at Billa (nice grocery store in the basement of the mall).  I got a pretzel roll, a wrapped sandwich (so amazing), an orange, a fresh squeezed bottle of orange-carrott juice (FRESH), and a bag of pretzels to snack on in class for when I start to fall asleep. All the food is so good! All this was like 10 Euro I think? Yum. And the pretzels did their job.

my amaaaazing pretzel roll. wow

We got back to the Institute and sat in an empty classroom eating and talking.  We did some German review…one of the girls in our group is in the hardest German class (311 I think?) and she is majoring in German teaching…so we don’t feel bad asking her to explain things to us! It is really good. We are reviewing dative case articles…hard to get back into our heads but it is almost all back! So we had German from 2:30-4, and then Austrian history from 4-5:30.  It was hard to stay awake.  I like German…even though it gets frustrating.  History was rough. I feel like we already had history because of our art class! And our teacher speaks sooo slowly because I think he isn’t really used to teaching in English. But we made it.

crazy flowers, everywhere
we pass this old old church every day

So Caelyn went with the Minert’s tonight to some electronic store to look for a laptop charger since she burned hers out, then she went with them to IKEA far away to look for a pillow. I need a new pillow. Oh well though. Kimber and I made some tea because it was STORMING outside! Then the raining finished, and there was the most amazing double rainbow.  We made some herbal tea and sat by the windows.

tea and sugar

We tried to do some homework…but we didn’t really get much done. We worked for an hour on our German worksheet we thought would only take 5 minutes! It was dative stuff…I wish I could have called Dad like usual and asked him to check my work!! We were so lost.  But we fell asleep after that. Caelyn got home an hour later and woke us up at like 9. I took a shower, then did my homework. It is 11:19 now and I need to go to bed soon. We get to sleep in tomorrow!! 

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