Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Finally

Let's seeee...

We left to church at 8:30 but we were still 15 minutes early for our bus at our exchange so we will leave later next week.
Except next week we will be traveling in Germany.  So in 2 weeks.
We had Relief Society, then class in partial English, then Sacrament. Oh, the Elder who yelled at me and Brendan is in my ward...and we take the same bus.  When we got off the bus I was right next to him and was prepared to just act like nothing happened.  But he was quick to apologize and stuff which is good.  I'm happy he did.  I also said sorry for bringing in any problems..or something.  I didn't really know what to say actually.  Hahaha.

(iPhone shot) our little KIRCHE!!
(iPhone) Caelyn & I

After church I tried to do some reading for religion, because we had class today, but I fell asleep pretttttty quick.  Haha.  Caelyn and I like sleep.  We went to the Minert's for dinner at 3.  Monika, Stephanie, Lexi, and Alisha made dinner for us for 45 Euro.  They made noodles with pesto basil sauce with sausage in it, bread, cheese, and ice cream for dessert.  This ice cream bar was amazing...I don't even know how to describe it but it was amazing and I didn't take a picture cause I ate it so fast.  But I'll take a picture when I buy one which will be ASAP.

We had class from like 4:15-6 ish talking about Johan Huber and how he was one of the fist Mormons in Austria.  The Catholics like hated him for leaving their church...but they were being brats to him and wouldn't apologize so whatever.  Then they wanted to take his kids away from him because he made them stay home from confession and such...umm he had a rough time.  Mom would love the story but that's about all I've got for ya.  Sorry.

Jordan goes: "I do not need to rely on technology." 

After class we sat around on our computers, some were skyping in the other rooms.  Their apartment is pretty large.  Klint made this calendar for us on the whiteboard...this is a very rough estimate of what we are going to be doing the next few weekends.  Mom, Dad, anyone really, leave a comment or email me if there are specific things to see or places or people to visit in these countries/cities.  Katie said she found a roundtrip flight to London (2 hours) for 60 Euro....WOW.  So that is a medium-large trip.  Rome will be a pretty expensive trip.  Paris will be if we go there.  Spain will be.  So of the really big trips I will probably pick 2 or 3 of them?  I'll talk to you guys more about it when they become more set in stone.  Our 10 day trip is this week!  We leave Wednesday to Germany and everywhere.  So that's exciting.

We got home at like 10 or something, and Caelyn and Kimber skyped their families.  I went through pictures.  Now it is bedtime!

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