Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday ... our bums hurt

This morning we woke up around 11…we were trying to make plans on the train last night on the way home of what to do today.  Tanner was trying to keep himself from throwing up, but he wanted to go to a castle.  We couldn’t figure out details for that for usre….so we decided on going back to the theme park and going on these swings while the weather is still decently good.

Eleven of us met at the Pratestern station, right where the theme park is…Haley, Mara, Lexi, Alisha, Caelyn, Monika, Stephanie, Tanner, Garrison, Amy and I.  The ride we went on is like the big swings at Lagoon, mixed with the Rocket.  We went way high up, but we couldn’t take our cameras up…but it was so fun.  Kinda cold!  But not bad.


Lexi and I rode together 


this is the bag i bought. and my curly rainy hair

We didn’t have anywhere else to really go, so I suggested we all run our errands together.  I asked, “Who needs to go to Billa? Post office? Bank? T-Mobile?” and we ran and did everything together at Karlsplatz (the station that goes to our school and the big shopping area where we know where everything is).  First we went to Billa…I got a LOT of groceries…. 22 Euro worth.  But it will be good.  I got dinner things: two cans of soups, two noodle mix things, I got cheese and ham for lunches, I got chips that are American flavor, but 100% Austrian at the same time (I think they’re BBQ), I got fresh carrot juice, a cake mix, a fresh sandwich, and milk.  I also had to pay for the bag to put them in…25 cents.  Haha so dumb.

We wanted to eat our sandwiches...but there is no food court in the mall.  We sat at the table of a restaurant but the lady got really mad at we just went outside under the bridge in from the rain and ate on the ground kinda hahaha lots of people gave us weird looks?  Tanner spilled his soda ALL over and was being SO LOUD.  HE IS SO LOUD.  Roger tells us Austrians think Americans are really loud and annoying, so we always say "ahhh we are being loud Americans."

Oh my sandwich had apple, cheese, and bleau cheese on it.  Very tasty.

Stephanie, Monika, Garrison, Tanner, Caelyn, Amy, Haley

After eating lunch, we went by the post office but it was closed...then we went to T-Mobile and I finally put money on my Austrian cell phone.  Caelyn and I went home after that!  The green room is beautiful.

 We hung out and did homework or something for a bit...then a couple of us went over to Monika and Stephanie's and made the cake mix thing because I wanted to see if it was good, and we don't have access to an oven.  It was like a pancake.  It was chocolate.  It didn't have any sugar in it.  We put sugar on it.  Stephanie burned the bottom.  It was small.  It was 2 Euro.  It was eggy.  It was just add water.

Monika and Haley taught me some tips and tricks about photo stuff.  Not actual photo stuff or editing but just theeeee files and what type of photos to take and the best way to upload them and the best types of files to save as...I understand a lot more now!

Home and BED!  Kirche tomorrow.

A common thing we keep saying:

"We are in Vienna..!"

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