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September 26, 2013

We got up and had breakfast at 7:30 in our cute bed & breakfast.  Breakfast at these places consists of: bread, cheese, meats, yogurt, juice, toast, jam, milk, granola, vegetables, apples.  Perfect!!  

We were on the road at 8.  We drove for 2 hours and EVERYBODY slept.  That bus was silent.  I woke up to the sound of rain on the windshield…it was pouring.  We made a quick 20 minute stop at this huge church...I guess it is the one on The Sound of Music where they get married!!  So cool!!  I loved the tiling out front.

We stopped at this big yellow building… (names later when I’m sure of what they actually are hahaha).  It was a summer home for the archbishop or something.  Lots of fountains!   We had a tour and there are lots of secret fountains the tour guide sprayed us with, even though we were all so wet from the rain.  That tour was a bit long.  This place is also home of the gazebo from The Sound of Music...the "you are 16 going on 17...." song I think...I don't really remember.  I need to watch that movie again.


oh my this backyard place was full of these stupid weird little figurines as water features...and at the end this masterpiece ran to some Mozart music.  It was unreal..haha

We got back on the bus and drove a kilometer or so to see the yellow Van Trapp home!  It is a private school now so there are no tours, but we got to take some pictures in front of it.  Today was full of The Sound of Music sites, all through Salzburg.

this fountain is also in the movie???

Back on the bus…we headed in to the main city of Salzburg.  We got dropped off and walked through the city in the pouring rain.  We went to a market (for tourists pretty much) of FOOD!  Oh my goodness…it was awesome.  But I packed my lunch again like a good girl (yogurt, jerky, pretzels)….but of course I bought a chocolate filled croissant for c1.30.  It was sooooooooo good.  We stood in the rain under our umbrellas people watching….but it turned into dog watching.   Everybody had dogs!  And they were all so cute.

We met up again, and went into the cute street a little ways to Mozart’s house where he was born!  This was very cool.  Three floors of museum…antique items, original handwritten scores of music written by him!!!!  It was amazing.  And his music was playing in the background in every room.  I could have stayed in there for another hour I think…which is crazy.  I got a cute music box in the gift shop.

After lunch, we walked up a steep cobblestoned street to this amazing castle on the top of the mountain.  There was some confusion with who was paying (Roger went up a different way, and he didn’t mention that we were going to need to pay our way, and we thought this whole trip was inclusive, he thought the entrance was free, anyways…some kids were frustrated, but we all ended up paying anyways to get in). We stayed in this castle forever!  It wasn’t even a was like a freaking fortress.  It could have been an entire town.  It was amazing.  We went through so many doors and tunnels and up stairs into towers.  There was a huge museum on the top floor with so many things in it!  We love museums.  The view was amazing…it was POURING so hard the entire time, and we were up in a cloud.  It was too cool.

stopped at a cemetery...

crossed a bridge--famous lovers locks (there are more than one of these bridges with locks)
view from the bridge, you can see the castle up top 

We met back at the bus at 6:30 and went to our hotel room!!  We were all dead.  My feet KILL.  We rested for a few minutes and got settled, then walked down the street to a little pizza place.  Eleven of us ate pizza…our total was €63.50 which is not bad for eleven of us!  Everybody is trying to be smart with money AND healthy…which is hard.  We are in the hotel now!  Four of us in a tiny room (nothing like what we were in last night!)  My feet kill, but they are okay.  I wish they had bathtubs here. 

this picture makes it look horrible...I was too hungry to take a picture before I started eating hahah (also iPhone pic)

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