Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday! Last day of classes

We had class at 1:00 today (German). Caelyn and I didn't get out of bed till 11. Hahahah. It is bad. But I think we needed it!! We got ready and it looked sunny outside so I wore a skirt and light sweater thing. Of course it rained later.  So we had German for an hour, then we had Austrian History for an hour and a half...finished at 3:30. We went into the market and had lunch--the same place we went the very first day, where we got Doners with lamb. So good!!  Then we got on the train and...we had to split up, and we decided to meet at the LDS Center place, because we wanted to go to the Rathaus which is at the same stop.  GUESS WHO was at the LDS Center...!!

ELDER ABBOTT!!! BRENDAN! HAahaaaaaaa okay I planned this, I knew he was going to be there. Something so awkward happened! We were waiting for a few minutes for him to get out of his meeting, and when he came out he HUGGED ME hahahha and I didn't hug him cause I knew we weren't supposed to, I just stuck my arms straight out to the sides! And all the elders got SO MAD at one was yelling at him right in front of everybody saying it was wrong and like obviously he caught himself and was like oh sorry, but the elder got so mad and it was soooo awkward and uncomfortable. I feel like he should have reminded Brendan in private like, hey, remember to not hug girls! But he just did it without thinking I think. But I felt like the elder was yelling at me too so I felt sooo weird. Everybody felt weird. And then we didn't even get to talk for that long because that elder kept getting angry. It was soo weird. 

So after the rest of our group met us there, we just explored! It started raining, and I forgot my camera today...DUMB CLAIRE (I didn't think we were going to be doing anything cool actually...big mistake), so the ones by me are taking on my iPhone for strict documenting purposes....cooler photos to come from Monika or Haley...haha whoopsies. Sorry.

Horses warming up! (MO)
my horse shirt baby (MO)
the Rathaus (MO) 
the Rathaus (MO)

the tweeeeeners and the Rathaus
So at the Rathaus there was a horse show thing going on...but it was 32 Euro to get in.  So we found in the back where they were keeping the horses warmed up, doing some small jumps and such. It was cool. Then we walked through some of the tent shops that were set up and stuff.  Then we took the street car (like a bus) around a few random stops....
The Parliament place...we just walked outside
Waiting for the streetcar
Monika's version of my iPhone photo hahaha (MO)
We ended up taking it too far to where we didn't mean to go, so we ended up just going to the Minert's apartment and hanging out for an hour or two (it was Haley, Amy, Stephanie, Monika, Kimber and I).  He made us popcorn...he burned 3 bowls of it before he got the timing perfect.

On our walk home we were dying to get some treats..............but didn't get any. So I just had some bread with Nutella.  Big 2o mile bike ride is tomorrow!!!!!!!

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