Monday, September 30, 2013

Nürenberg day 2

30 September 2013 Monday

Breakfast at the hotel, then off to a MUSEUM to start the day.  For some reason this museum was not doin it for me.  I was super tired or something because I could not pay attention or remember anything they talked about.  It was an audio-guided tour, so we had headphones and a device where you type in the code number of the area you are standing in and you learn about it.  This museum was all about the Nuremberg I thought it would be so interesting!  But there was too much information and too many details, and we only had 90 minutes so there was no way to get it getting bits was not working.  I liked watching some of the actual footage of the trials.  So basically the trials were held by the Allied forces prosecuting the top 23 prominent members of the Nazi political, military, and economic leaderships.  Some of the main guys weren't tried (like Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels) because they committed suicide several months before.  This is about November 1945 - October 1946.  I watched a clip where these men were taken through concentration camps and shown piles of bodies, and the men denied knowing anything about that going on.  Twelve were sentenced to death by hanging, seven received prison sentences, and three were acquitted.  So that general info I knew already, and I don't remember many details from this morning.  Watch this video on the trials it is great and quick.

(seperate building) walkway out to look at this wall area...
at some Nazi party house...where this museum was.
We went to lunch in the subway station underground...I got the most delicious yogurt I have ever eaten.  It was homemade by this lady with fresh berries and granola on it.  Aaaand I got a donut too.

We got to wander around some cute little shops for a while...I got a couple little things for gifts.  We met up again after a half hour and walked up to Albrecht Duürer's HOUSE (the artist who did the famous self portrait we saw in real life two days ago).  It was so cool!  We got to see where his studio was...even though all the props were fake you could tell but it was cool to imagine.  Headphone guides again!

this gold steeple was on the top of a church but got too heavy so they made it a fountain, and it is supposed to be lucky to touch maybe.


We had a few hours of free time after this...a group of us wandered around and went in so many little shops.  There are Christmas shops out already!!!  So cute!!  We got ice cream (Eis) and saw a cool bubble guy, and there are always beautiful fruits and vegetables out in stands on the streets in the square.

lucky bunny...??

Jordan eats the core of the apple...

We found an awesome antique shop...SO COOL!  There were so many random things in here.  Caelyn bought a hand knife for 19 Euro from WWI.  Jordan bought an honorary medal from WWII.  There were so many Nazi things...and they tried to put stickers on all the swastikas to cover them up.  Very interesting.

We met up again at 6:30 for dinner at this place.  It was so good!  I wish I could remember what my meal was called but I can' had potatoes, egg and sausage, and a really yummy salad.  It was very delicious and filling.  We talked for a while after because our waiter took forever to bring our checks.

Quote by Jordan at dinner: "I don't understand people who are like on diets...and are like "I wanna eat healthy"...I'd rather die."

Lexi is my apartment roommate tonight.  She is awesome.  We talked for a long time...and now I am getting to bed late because I wanted to post this because I paid a Euro to get wifi!!!!!!!!  SO HERE IT IS! Love you ALL

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  1. That was well worth a Euro! You have Laemmlen ancestors from Nurnberg. There's a carving of a Laemmlen/Lemlein/Lamchen/lLittle Lamb in the big old church by the golden heavy top that represents our family. Love the Durer Haus. I love being in the ACTUAL PLACES where things happened. You are so LUCKY to be there! Love you and miss you here. Mom