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29 September 2013 Sunday

We woke up in München at 7, I showered, and we left for church at 8:20 ish.  It was farther away (not sure where…) starting at 9:30.  We all sat on the front row… (Roger said “we should” cause it was empty…) but we all couldn’t understand so we were on our phones using the wifi to email and we felt bad.  Haha.  They knew we couldn’t understand though.  There are missionaries everywhere…we met two sisters, one from BYU.  She was excited to see us.  Nobody knew her though.  Church felt soooo long.  The weather was nicer today though.

We drove for a few hours today.  I slept on the bus.  Everybody is so funny and we laugh a lot so it is hard to stop talking and fall asleep.  We stopped at this rest stop for lunch…oh my gosh.  It was so stupid, they had this self-serve restaurant thing and we didn’t really understand how things were priced, so we got like, a medium amount of food, like normal, nothing extremely piled up on our plates, and then they weighed it and added something and mine was 12 Euro!  So stupid.  And you couldn’t put it back…so we ate it all and it was really really good (salad, schnitzel, potatoes, fries).  So we decided we wouldn’t get dinner tonight (which was good because I AM STILL FULL).  We drove more…….for some reason we stopped for dinner at the BK Lounge (Burger King) which for ONE, is nasty, and for TWO, is unhealthy and expensive, and for THREE, it was only like 3 hours after we had lunch!!!  So Tanner and I were the most full, so we walked down the street till we found a gas station.  I bought 4 granola bars on sale for 3 Euro in case I got hungry later (I didn’t…but I ate one anyways.  The rest will be for lunches throughout the week).  Good choice!  Nobody liked their BK meals.

MORE driving…and finally we made it to Nuremburg.  Paris and I did our GT History Fair project on the Nuremburg trials in 8th grade.  We designed a website…and we won like two rounds of judging and went past state to region or something.  I wonder if the website still works/exists anywhere.  We were little geniuses who loved WWII.  So we pulled over at one point and walked into this huge stadium.  The Zeppelin Field.  It was the Nazi party rally grounds.  Nazis would come here once a year for huge rally things where they’d show off their weapons and march around and talk about how great they are and how many people they have beaten.  The place was huge!  It was a weird feeling to be on those steps where Hitler stood.

the beautiful MARA

Haley & Tanner

Hitler stood here.

We got to our hotel…Jeannie told me this is one hotel where Mom and Dad stayed while traveling with the Minerts one year.  It is really cute!  There was nowhere to hangout though, so we got permission for all of us to go in the boys’ room because it is the biggest.  We played games for HOURS….games where you sit in a circle and just laugh at how dumb the game is.  “Signs”, the verb game (I can’t remember what we called it), and “sounds” were the best.  We were going to start iPod karaoke, but only Haley got to go before we got a knock on the door and were shushed.  This game is when you put on headphones that block out all sound, and you play a song you know really well, and you just SING loudly and confidently and it is really embarrassing because you can’t even hear yourself singing so you are usually way off key.  It is hilarious.  So at 10:00 we were shushed, and we all went back to our rooms and got ready for bed.  Wifi costs €1 for 24 hours.  A few of us paid for it, but I didn’t (so this post is a day late).  It will be nice to get to sleep an hour or two earlier than usual!  I have been getting to bed past midnight, around 1AM most nights on this trip, then up at 7.

the house across the street from our hotel for tonight!

I love this group!!  This trip has been amazing.  My feet got a good break today from walking and they feel good.  Hopefully I can take 5 more days of intense travel.

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