Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Der Lange Tag

Tuesdays are the longest days.....we get up way earlier, and stay way later.  Our day goes from 10 am to 5:30pm with a two and a half hour break in the middle.  For that break, we went back to a different thrift store to see if we could find missing parts to our traditional dinrdl outfits.  I still don't have a good picture of my ensemble!  But it is good. I was looking for a vest to go over the top of my blouse but I didn't find a good one so I'll just go without.  Today Caelyn found a skirt almost exactly like mine! So we are going to be twins.  I got another traditional skirt (for only 9 Euro) so I can mix it up.  (Most girls have gotten full dresses for around 30+ Euro).  We are taking these to Germany to wear when we go to Oktoberfest.  SO CUTE.  I love thrift stores.  I am going to end up getting a lot of stuff from them.....but it's fine.

The fountain at the Opera House right by where we get out of the subway

So Kunst Geschichte in the morning, then break for shopping and eating my lunch I packed... (saving money Dad and Mom), then Deutsch, then Österrich Geschichte for AN HOUR AND A HALF EACH.  The last class was so bad.  Our teacher is so boring...I will have to make a recording to share....sooo bad.  I don't even know what we learned I was just trying to not fall asleep on the front row.  We were talking about the 30 Year war and then the second Turkish siege.  The Turks never win basically.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home (BILLA) and got some snacky things for the bus ride tomorrow (even though we technically aren't allowed to eat on the bus..) I got a cracker & pretzel mix ("Happy mix!") and some like....jerky sausage? It says "Puten Cabanossi Gebraten"so whatever those are. I also got a box of eight nectarines for 99 cents YUM...I was obviously happy about this purchase.

We put our things away then had DINNER with Frau Feest!  She made us some pumpkin - ginger soup (it didn't taste very pumpkiny though so maybe there was a translation error, but I'm pretty sure she served pumpkin seeds with it soooo....).  For our meal we had French fries and Schnitzel!  It was my first time having it!  It was really good.  Sooooo good.  I wish we had ketchup though.  She served mustard with it.  And salad!  Then ice cream bars for dessert again with cookies.  She spoke less English this time...I was so tired I just kinda zoned out and wasn't a part of any of the conversation...Kimber did most of the talking. 

Caelyn got her a gift (a candle) and we gave it to her tonight

We still have to pack and shower tonight!  We are sooo tired.  We are meeting at the institute at 7:30!  AH.  Oh, I was happy to get a package today with my textbook and jeans :) Thanks parents.

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