Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunny Sunday

27 October Sunday

So last night (Saturday night) we got on the train at 8:30 in Venice and slept pretty well!  I wasn't even that tired all day today, no nap or anything!  We got in to Vienna at 8:08 am, and we also gained an hour for daylight savings! (Europe does it one month earlier than at home).  Kimber and I went home, I showered quick, we woke up Caelyn (who got home at 2 am from their grip to Germay...it was basically a disaster, even though it was fun, they missed almost every train, super complicated....lessons learned!), and we all went to the Austrian International Center for stake conference at 10:00.  Two hours of GERMAN with headsets to translate.  I saw Brendan again.  I didn't even fall asleep.

Home for a bitssss and I cleaned my room and unpacked while Caelyn and Kimber napped, then we went to the Minert's at 2:30 for lunch.  Haley, Amy, Rachel  & Kelsey made a DELICIOUS dinner of pork and vegetables over rice with a peanut soy sauce.  YUM.  I miss cooking so bad.

We stayed at the Minert's using the wifi (SOS ours is still broken) till 10...!  Skype and blogging and picture working and figuring out classes and stuffffff like that.

Here is some of my booty I brought home from ITALY!!!!

Leather goods, glass goods, scarves, postcards, photos...the cute little paper-wrapped packages have glass jewelry in them I'm just not going to unwrap them till I get home (and maybe open them on Christmas hahahaha).  Anything else I bought (a lot...) consists of GIFTS for people (hence surprises, sorry boys) (boys meaning adam and aaron and dad and ben) (and telu but he won't see this) (also heidi) (love you guys).

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