Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Saints Day

1 November Friday

Today is a national holiday in Austria!  "All Saints Day" -- they celebrate those who have died.  All the stores and museums are closed all day, and everybody goes and visits the cemetery.  Kinda like Memorial Day for us I guess?

This morning we went to the Centrum to have brunch with the YSA made by Sister Strong.  We had cold cereal, tea, bread and jams, egg, and coffee cake.  It was delicious!  Big breakfasts are the best!  After that, we walked up the street two or three blocks to this public park where the boys had found a basketball court and a sand volleyball court!  We played volleyball for like two hours!  It was SO MUCH FUN.  We all loved it, and the weather was amazing!  Who woulda thought we could be playing beach volleyball in November!?  So beautiful.

ewww Tanner's weird toenail

We decided to go to the Zentralfriedhof -- the main cemetery in Vienna.  It is HUGE!  Like a few square miles.  The sun was going down when we got there.  It was very busy...lots of flowers and people!  There is a pretty new church in the middle of the cemetery we went into.  And we saw some famous headstones........

Beethoven man...


We got cold and left, grabbed some dinner (pizza slices on the street), then we headed BACK to the Centrum for WAFFLE NIGHT (I feel like we are here more than any other place haha).  Yummmm.  We met this cool guy named Elvi from Slovania and he served his mission in Ogden/Logan!  It was fun to talk to him.  He asked me to take a picture of them when we were leaving haha.

At 7:30 we left waffle night and headed off to Tanner & Garrison's house!!!  They live in a nice house about 45 minutes away from the rest of us, but it is so nice!!!!  Their Haus Frau is so nice too.  We played games, and of course Mara, Monika and I were making the treats for everybody.  Tonight it was caramel apples (YES!!).  It was hard, but we were able to find some caramel cubes at the store, and we melted them down.  We baked the apple slices, and put cinnamon and sugar on them.  Some slices were raw, and we just ate lots of caramel, but only half of what we bought!!  So we are going to have to do this again....the apples came from Alisha's and Lexi's tree.  Everybody loved it.  We also made some hot apple cider.  Yummmmmm for fall.


We played a really funny game...I can't remember exactly what it was called but at one point Tanner had to give Haley a wet-willey (suck on finger and stick it in her ear) haahha, Monika and Jordan's faces!  It was a really funny game.  Oh boy.  We all left at midnight and made it home around 1!

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