Saturday, November 2, 2013


31 October Thursday

I'm going to admit, the title of this post was stolen from Amy.  She is a genius with puns on her blog.

We had class today till 3:30.  HALLOWEEN!  None of us really had costumes :(we did our best.  Because of daylight savings here already the sun sets at 4:30!  It is the worst.  Anyways, after class we hung out for a little bit planning, and then went to a pizza place for dinner.  I didn't have my camera today so it's an iPhone documentation day.

Haley was a fox, and I was a leopard..?  We went to a yummy pizza place close to Schwedenplatz called tri-pizza cafe I think.  It was really cute, modern, sit-down.  I got a pizza, YUM I love pizza!  Then we all went far far away to this stake center we have never been to for a YSA was just great.  Typical church dance though.  My feet hurt for a bit :( It was fun though..they had yummy food.

So of course Monika had her camera at the dance.  Here are her photos!!!

So not the typical Halloween I am used to.  For one, it was pretty warm today, until the sun went down it got pretty cold..!!  We aren't used to that.  There were people around the city dressed up...lots of people dressed up.  But nobody dressed as anything funny, everything was just really scary/creepy.  That was interesting.

We got home at 12:30 ish...that is the latest we have gotten home!!

Things I miss about Halloween/Fall at home....
normal candy
little kidddies everywhere
leaves and parks
pumpkin cookies/bread/muffins/pies
caramel apples
apple pie
the mountains

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